Afordable IT SolutionS

Software development

Our company entered software development niche in 1996. Since then we evolved through different operating systems, data platforms and development tools. At this moment we are capable develop desktop, web and mobile applications at very low customer cost. This was possible to thanks to 4GL tools we utilize to deliver quality applications while cutting average development time by 50-80%. Doing so gives u opportinity to ffer super competitive prices for our customers while preserving top quality and timing.

Please contact us for more information or your project needs. dPS representatives will be happy to answer any of your questions. 

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We offer several SAS (Software As Service) systems. Our services are based on subscription but for new commers we offer basic levels which are absolutely free of charge.
If (at any given point) you require more features and advanced functionality we are here to help and offer paid subscription level. Please check our offer to see more details or contact our representative to answer your questions.

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dPS  offers field services which are based on followin areas:

  • network hardware and infrastructure 
  • telephony and VoIP 
  • security and surveilance systems
  • retail services and equipment
  • site surveys, cost evaluations
  • hardware upgrades, relocations, installations and deinstallations
  • software and hardware training

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Data Centers

We can provide highly qualified data center engineers to troubleshoot, manage or upgrade your equpment. Our engineers are well prepared and have hands-on experience dealing with top noch data center equipment.

Network Services

Network services include (but are not limited to) hardware installations (routers, switches, modems, access points, power backups, software backups, rack and cabinet installations. We also have trained cable installers who can met any cabling needs (including fiber installations)

Phone Line Service

Many of our tech (as former AT&T or SPRINT technicians are ready to help you with standard telephone lines issues. Although we do not provide ald fashion PBX service or programming we do offer wiring service, T1 or DSL extensions. We guarantee top quality and very reasonable timing.

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Media Systems
We can send media specialized service technicians to your site to install, repair or upgrade your media equipment. That inclludes media players, speakers, anoncing systems, pagins systems, monitors and TVs.
Computer Repair

PC repair is one of our specialities. With years of experience we fan fix any PC or help you pgrade your system. We can also advise you how to keep your upgrade costs at minimum while preserving system performance. We have lots of ways of diunt it thanks to years of experience. Our expertise is not limited to standard PC (orMac) but extends to specialized PC devices (ie. medical carts, POS devices, media systems etc)

For interested customers we provide software installation and training. We also specialize in multiple computer roll-outs or upgrades. Supported operating systems are: Windows95/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 as well as MAC-OS 7 and up. We also support troubleshooting mobile devices. Do you have problem with lost password, your PC running slow, having internet issues or crashes – we can help!

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